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Meetings and Topics of the group

  1. BHIC March 19th Intro Pitch by Josh Carruthers. Power point slides.
  2. April 9th 4pm Options Basics and Format of strategies by Andy Novocin.
  3. April 16th 4pm Selling Puts, Covered Calls by Andy Novocin.
  4. April 23rd 4pm Strangles and Straddles by Andy Novocin.
  5. April 30th 4pm Learning the greeks, predicting prices, and mild risk management by Andy Novocin.
  6. May 7th 4pm Vertical Spreads, call to scrape.
  7. May 14th 4pm Butterfly, Back-spreads, Ratio Spreads. Report on your two moves trade log.

For the summer: Goal is to refine our trading ideas, build our code base, zero in on hedge-fund appropriate concepts. Email me: with subject Options Club. We'll build a mailing list. If you make a GitHub account then I can share the code base with you and you can edit the wiki there with potential strategies you discover. Try to make a log of your trades, thought process, best-case/worst-case, and major decision points. Any other concepts that you found helpful (technical indicators, fundamental ratios).

Summer Meetings

  1. June 24 5:30pm BHIC Investments, Arbitrage Arbitrage csv's
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